Who Doesn’t Love Mussels?!

Sunday is above all Farmer’s Market Day.  This week we scored some incredible things.  The best being a homemade Chorizo from a Polish Deli in Queens.  This Chorizo was delicious.  It was the perfect combination of spicy and smokey.  It was lean, with just enough fat to add flavor to a dish.  So, I was confronted with the task of creating a tasty meal to highlight this Chorizo.  Walking through the Farmer’s market, I also purchased some fresh Mussels from the Sound.  I thought, why not make Mussels with a Chorizo and Red Wine broth.  We purchased the rest of the ingredients, homemade semolina bread, shallots, and parsley, and were on our way to a delicious dinner … hope you enjoy my creation!  We certainly did, which is why there is no picture (it tasted too good to stop eating and take a picture).

Mussels with Red Wine and Chorizo

3 Large shallots, minced

1/2 lb. Chorizo, chopped

1 bottle of clam juice

1 cup red wine (we used a Malbec)

1/2-1 cup water

1 lb. Mussels, cleaned

Chopped parsley

(served with crusty bread and corn on the cob)

Saute chorizo in a small bit of olive oil until it renders some fat.  Add shallots, and cooks until translucent.  Add the bottle of clam juice, red wine, and water.  Cook down, approximately 10 minutes to work off the alcohol.  Add the mussels, and cook for approximately 9 minutes.  Finish with some freshly chopped parsley.

On a side note, I would love to post a link of a recipe for one of the most delicious desserts I have ever eaten.  I found this amazing S’mores Cookie Bar recipe that is to die for!  I brought it to a cook out, and everyone was asking for the recipe.  Here is the website: http://bakingbites.com/2007/08/smore-cookie-bars/


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